Cork Add-on

Cork Add-on

from 7.00

This is an add on listing ONLY.

This listing is for a partial cork add on to our collars. Cork fabric is an amazing fabric. It is naturally water and stain resistant, vegan, durable and super soft! The cork fabric will be featured on approx. 1/3 of the collar. Our rivets our used specifically on all of our cork collars as shown in the photos.

Beige with gold flecks is featured in photo 1, black is featured in photo 2 and the Colour Options (please see photo #3)

  1. Red;

  2. Teal;

  3. Deep Blue;

  4. Light Blue;

  5. Camo;

  6. Snake Skin;

  7. Pink;

  8. WIne;

  9. Rose Pink;

  10. Deep Purple;

  11. Purple with Silver;

  12. Lavender;

  13. Orange;

  14. Fuschia;

  15. Coral;

  16. Light Green; and

  17. Deel Green.

We recommend you do not use the cork combo collars in salt water. They are great for use in fresh water, but not the ocean.

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