Up To Speed Lead

Up To Speed Lead


Our Up To Speed Leads are great for many different dog sports including agility, luring courses, herding and so many more!

The body of these leads are made with a high quality polyproylene webbing which is not only durable but also dries quickly. The collar portion is made from a water and stain resistant fabric known as Eco Canvas which is partially made from recycled materials! We’ve added cork fabric on to the inside of the handle to make it super soft and comfortable on your hands. Finally, they are finished off with our signature rivets and our cork logo.

This lead is designed to slip on and off your dog’s head quickly and easily. It has a control loop which will tighten when pulled to keep your dog from slipping out, much like a martingale collar.

**Please note that we do not recommend using this as a leash for everyday use or heavy pullers. It’s been specifically designed for sport courses only and only tested for same

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